5 Effective Yoga Postures to Increase Your Brain Power

Learn important postures that could get your brain jogging, sharpen your memory, and intensify concentration of mind.

The brain in anatomical terms is nothing but a heap of muscles and like all other muscular faculties in the human body would need exercise to function better. This body of exercises encompasses ways to activate the metaphysical elements of the brain, nurtured with intellectual stimulation. Modern lifestyle is also observed to be causing adverse effects and consequent malfunctioning through burgeoning stress and anxiety levels. To address it all at one go, you can resort to yoga. Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle, right dietary choices, staying in intellectual practice, and meditation, physical exercise with yoga can really keep your brain focused. The ancillary difficulties that come with a stressed head, like mild depression or a headache, can also be swiped away with effective yoga.

Here, try calming your body and invigorating your mind and thus hiking up brain power with these important yoga postures—

Padmasana- the Lotus Pose

Lotus is one of the most recognized ones among yoga symbols. The depiction stands for unwavering strength and beauty just like a lotus that floats on a water surface, deeply rooted but unwavering in beauty and resolution. This posture embodies simplicity and facilitates ease of muscle tension and calm to mind. With enhanced calm and repose, comes improved brain functioning. 

This could be incorporated into your regular exercise schedule as the yoga for brain memory. Here is how to do it:

• Sit down on the floor with your back straight and legs extended
• Bend your left knee and position your left toes on the right thigh
• Bend the right knee and place the right toes on your left thigh with the soles of your feet facing upwards.
• Keeping your palms on your knees, close eyes and let good thought surge through.
• Relax with deep breaths and be mindful about your breathing
• Stay calm, holding this position for five minutes, then revert to the original station

Sarvangasana- the Lotus Stand Pose

This asana, known to improve focus and concentration facilitate complete chakra engagement. The chakras are energy centers seated deep at the core of our body. When these axes of energies are spurred, the brain received instant stimulation. This beautifully therapeutic yoga for brain health could keep you psychically fit and able. This how you go about it:

• Lie on the floor with your back to the surface
• Join your feet together and your hands by the sides
• Make a 90 degree angle with your body by raising the feet
• Bend your elbows with your palms kept under the waist and lift your waist
• Align your legs and body in a single line and hold this position for a few minutes
• Revert to the original position

Paschomottanasana- the Seated Forward Bend

An asana shortlisted for its appeal to the sympathetic nervous system, Paschimottanasana or the seated forward bend is effective for increasing concentration and mind power. With a surge of blood rush to the head, the position is also found to have healing qualities for acute headaches.
Include this one in your exercise schedule designed with select yoga for brain health:
• Get down on your mat, extend your legs forward with your hands kept to the sides
• Straighten your back and bring your feet together as you seat
• Now lift up your arms and bend straight from your hips until the head touches your knee and your chest on your thighs
• Hold to this position for some time and make an effort to touch your toes
• Relapse to the original position

Padahastasana- the Standing Forward Bend 

The standing forward bend is an invigorating posture for packing your nervous system with power. The bend produces strong currents and blood flow to the brain which in turn acts positively upon memory and brain power. It is a simple posture and can be performed by practitioners of all levels looking to increase cerebral capacity with yoga for brain health.  
Do it thus:
• Stand erect and upright with your hands firmly set by the sides and feet joined together
• Lift up the hands and bend forward, synchronized with a deep intake of breath, attempting to place your palms under the feet
• Hold to this posture for a few minutes and revert to the original standing

Halasana- the Plow Pose

With yoga, you also work effectively on your nervous system. Halasana, the plow pose with its forceful arching is great posture to work upon your nerve tissues. It is effective for easing the mind from stress and restore calm and peace to the mind.  

Here is how to do this yoga for brain health:

• Lie on the mat with your feet brought together
• Keep the arms straightly by your side
• Raise your legs evenly with breath synchronized with an exhalation
• Make an elbow bend, placing your palms under your waist
• Utilizing the support from the palms, raise your legs further and bring it overhead to a 180-degree angle
• With your toes, touch the floor
• Hold to this posture for as long as you can, a few seconds to a minute 
• Return to original position

These postures could be better performed with professional guidance upon movement and breath accordance. Also, a thorough use of props is recommended for the tougher postures. 

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